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Case Study #1

In 12 months, we increased MacPaw’s organic blog traffic from 466,000 to almost 760,000.

Case Study #2

Grew eCommerce blog from 0 to 10,000 organic traffic in 8 months and then sold it to Oberlo (owned by Shopify).

Case Study #3

First page results in Google for the brand name were originally dominated by two other brands with similar names.

Case Study #4

Thanks to changes made on-page, Google started ranking the well-optimized landing page instead of the homepage.


Daniel Marhel Growth at ($300M Valuation)

“Driving growth in organic search nowadays requires rigorous planning and timely execution. And with GetFound XL we have seen amazing results, by almost tripling a number of leads in just one year. Pair it with exceptional project management and you have a business partner that you want to keep close at all times.”

Ksenia Demchenko SEO at (7-Figure ARR)

“Justas and his team greatly helped me with link acquisition for various projects and I strongly recommend him to everyone else. All orders were of proper quality and turned in on time. Our communication was easy and with minimum paperwork. Hope for productive cooperation in the future!”

Huri Adilova Product at ($5M ARR)

“We are extremely happy with the professionalism, creative ideas and solutions we were provided with. Justas is very helpful and friendly and we look forward to continuing a good working relationship. We highly recommend the service to anyone.”

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