How We Ranked a New Site #1 For Their Brand Name in Less Than 60 Days [case study]

By Yuri Burchenya | News

The client

The company “Aerospace Union” bought a new exact match .COM domain and wanted it to rank for their brand name as fast as possible, as they were looking to sell their business.

They were an offline business operating for many years, but didn’t have a web presence before this.

The situation was complicated by the fact that their brand name was also exactly the same name as a fictional organization in a popular game.

On top of that, the first page results in Google for the “aerospace union” keyword were dominated by websites about an “International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers” organization. 

The result

We managed to rank them on the first page after just 30 days, and #1 in less than 2 months.

How we did it

On-page optimization

The company already had a website live. We just had to advise them on implementing a few on-pages changes:

  • Re-wrote the title and meta description to include the brand name;
  • Changed the H1 tag, so the brand name was in the beginning;
  • Get rid of all other H1 tags that the page builder put on the homepage.

Internal links

Created a blog and wrote a couple of blog posts. Some were meant to rank for long-tail keywords relevant to the business, others were thought pieces not really meant to rank for anything.

Each article mentioned the brand name as naturally as possible, while also linking back to the homepage with exact match anchor text (“Aerospace Union”) or branded anchor text (for example “that we offer at Aerospace Union”).

Link building campaign

In this case, we had to build as many as 20 backlinks. The goal was to focus on relevant websites, ignoring the metrics. But in the end, links came from a variety of websites with Domain Rating (DR) from DR16 to DR61.

We mostly focused on 3 patterns for anchor texts – exact match brand name (Aerospace Union), the company name (Aerospace Union Limited), and domain name (

We also managed to get a Wikipedia link to the client site. 

To help Google differentiate between the fictional organization in the game and our client’s very real company of the same name, we placed backlinks in articles writing about the fictional organization that were ranking on pages 1 and 2. This was achieved by introducing disambiguation sections, like “… not to be confused with real-life Aerospace Union company.” Where “Aerospace Union” has the link to our client’s site.